Exciting Quarter Ahead in Tech History
by Rohit Jayakaran on July 22nd, 2015

​Yesterday Apple shared its second quarter results with the world. While the stock market reacted strongly to their Q3 forecasts, I feel we need to get ready for some rather interesting times ahead.
This quarter will some of the most interesting developments in Tech History. Leading the pack will be Microsoft’s launch of its new operating system – Windows 10. The scheduled date is the 29th of July and the OS promises to be something that will revolutionize the market.
A few years ago when Apple started providing its latest OS for free as an upgrade, they changed the market. Microsoft was not doing the same and hence most Windows users were stuck on older operating systems. Keeping security risks aside, what this was really doing was giving those with older operating systems a rather old and stale user experience. While Apple users were constantly seeing improvements in user experience and performance, Windows users were still stuck in the past. With this new OS that Microsoft is giving to the world for free, Windows users will finally all join us in 2015(at least a majority of users).  This development is exciting because if you own an old Windows computer, the new OS will breathe fresh life into it. What is even more interesting is that apps will now work across Tablets, PC’s, Laptops and even your Xbox.
This quarter will also so huge developments in iOS for iPhone and iPad. The beta testing on iOS9 is going quite well and Apple has made huge leaps in performance, battery life and user experience.  The introduction of multi-taking on iPad will change the way people use the device.
​As of this morning Apple also released WatchOS 2 beta 4. This is meant for developers to start working on their apps for the update to Apple Watch. The wearables market is quite a new one and everyone including Apple is trying to figure out what can be done with these devices. While analysts feel that the Watch is not doing too well, Apple says they are pleased. Love it or ignore it, you have to accept that it is the most exciting wearable in the market.
​This quarter will also see some very interesting announcements from Samsung. Rumor has it that Samsung will announce its new flagship phone in August rather than September this year. The S6 and S6 Edge are fantastic devices with amazing cameras, displays and performance. The new flagship phone will take this to a whole new level. It is also rumored that Samsung will drop the stylus from its Notes. I’m a Samsung Note user as well and this seems interesting to me considering I have used the stylus twice in the 4 months I’ve had the device.
​It will indeed by quite an interesting quarter for Android users as Apple gets ready to launch Apple Music on Android. It is difficult to predict how well this will do considering most Android users don’t pay for APPS. What is strange is that for years Apple was attractive to customers because it offered an iPod on its phones. Doing this will make Androids just as attractive as iPhones. Most flagship Androids have amazing cameras and perform just as well as the iPhone. This development must closely be watched. It will be fun to watch the Google Play charts post the launch. I’d love to see an Apple APP on the number one slot on Android. 
​In closing, this is definitely going to be a fantastic quarter for technology. Apple will also launch its new Mac OS – El Capitan. Around the same time as the free public release, we might hear about the new iPhones and perhaps even an iPad Pro. Brace yourselves, if this is what Apple, Microsoft, Google and Samsung have in store for us, the HTC’s of the world won’t disappoint. Fasten your seatbelts, we’re about to take off.

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