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Kent schools take part in record-breaking song

Schools around the world, including many from the UK, are linking up with the aim of creating the biggest ever global song recording. 10,000 students’ voices are anticipated to be featured on a song written and produced by British singer/songwriter Howard Jones.
Over 50 schools around the UK are busy recording right now. These schools are currently in the process of recording their voices.
Students from a group of schools in Meopham, Kent including Meopham Secondary School, Culverstone Green Primary School, Cobham Primary School and Meopham Academy Primary School.
Headteacher Michelle Thomas from participating school says, “Being part of a global recording is incredibly exciting for us all. It is a thrilling collaboration!”

This year’s song called ‘Unshakeable’ hopes to hit the record books by recording the largest ever international youth choir. It will achieve this by combining the individual recordings from over 1,000 schools from 60 countries.

A video and audio version of ‘Unshakeable’ along with a documentary of the making of the global song will be released in December 2013. For more details about the project visit

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The 48 Hour Film Project - Solus

I am a passionate Filmmaker and I love every aspect of filmmaking. Recently I assembled a team of extremely talented individuals and we took part in the inaugural '48 Hour Film Project' in Dubai. In our stipulated 48 hours we produced a 6 miniute Horror Film entitiled SOLUS. The film went on to win the Best Film Award at the event. We also won the award for the Best Script and The Most Promising Filmmakers. We have now been invited to showcase the film at Filmapalooza 2012 at the Taos Shortz Film Fest in New Mexico, USA in March 2012. Check out below what the audience thought of my film.

City 1016 - Ek Pyar Ka Nagma

Actor/Artist Sign Up Form

In the year 2012, we have some interesting projects that are coming up that require Actors and Artists with a variety of skillsets. We are looking for people not just in Dubai and the UAE but if you are an artist any were in the globe, make sure you sign up...there is stuff thats gonna involve people from across the nations. Filling out this form will take you a few minutes, do make sure you enter the information as accurately as you possibly can. If you have friends who like to act in films of varying lengths, just share this form with them as well.

UAE 40th National Day

On the 2nd of December 2011, the UAE celebrated its 40th National Day. I wanted to do something to celebrate this big day for a country that is currently my home. The UAE is home to millions of expats who love the country just as much as I do. I asked 40 UAE residents the very same question - What do you love about the UAE. The video received over 10000 hits within the first 3 days of being launched. The video features over 10 languages but watching it you will realise that you can feel what each person is saying even though you don't understand every single word.

City 1016 Oh Yeah

On the 12th of May 2011, City 1016, the radio station I work for turned nine years old. We had a big celebration on air and onground and we figured we needed to make a celebratory song and video as well. Anupam Nair, a very talented Dubai based musician composed a song for us and I directed and edited a video to accompany the song. The lyrics were written by Anupam Nair and Tia Singh and the cinematography was taken care of by Vipin SJ and myself. Check out the video of City 1016 Oh Yeah.

The King of Time Pass Videos :-)

When you look at a lot of my work online, you will realise that I could easily be crowned the King of Time Pass Videos...yup...thats a crown I would be most willing to wear...a few years ago at my radio station we organised a Guys Vs Girls cricket match. I was the captain of the Girls team...was a fun match in which the guys had to wear lungis and play. I made this video to inspire my team. This is a parody of Shah Rukh Khan's Chak De India...his team went on to win...mine went on to lose.

Another Time Pass Video in Kodaikanal with Friends

I think I mentioned earlier that I am quite passionate about filmmaking and do it because I enjoy it. A few years ago, my closest friends and I took a road trip from Bangalore and Chennai to Kodaikanal. This was at the end of our long working weeks but was one of the most enjoyable trips I have ever taken. It so happened that we did have a simple video camera with us on the trip and so just for fun we decided to cut a video right after. I must say that we are NEVER this serious ever in life. Oh ya...another Time Pass video is what this is.

Stand By Me

In 2010, when we celebated the City 1016 8th birthday, we sung and produced our own version of the in 1961 - Ben E King classic - STAND BY ME. The idea of putting the song Stand By Me and Sholay's Yeh Dosti together was courtsey Fiona Munro, who at that point in time I think was 9 months pregnant. We recorded the song in our studio and the new hindi lyrics were written by Tia Singh. Every presenter on the station including myself sang the song. The video was recorded on the 11th of May at 6pm and by 8am the next morning, we had a video online. You will find the video just below followed by a mash up version we did a year and a half later when Shah Rukh Khan's Ra.One released which featured a song called - Dildaara Stand By me.

City 1016 Unplugged Videos

City 1016 Unplugged is a part of my Radio Show on Drive Master GoGo with Tia and Rohit. On City 1016 Unplugged, every Thursday we invite Dubai based musicians to come into the studio and perform live. We have had over 35 artists who perfromed in the first three season of the show in 2011. Check out some of the Videos from City 1016 Unplugged right here. While I don't always film the videos on my own since I am live on the show, I always edit them. Check out some samples here.

Masti in the Volvo XC 90

Sometime ago, our friends at Volvo in the UAE gave us a few of their cars in their fleet including the Volvo XC 90 to drive around for a month and experience them. We decided to make a short video featuring the presenters of City 1016 and the car that was at the centre of the Bollywood film 3 Idiot's plot. This video was shot in 4 of the 7 emirates in the UAE. Personally I love the shots featuring the car...
The Poster of my short film - SOLUS. Check out what audiences had to say about the film by clicking on the video to the left.

If you have a project that you would like to collaborate with me on, just fill out the contact form below.

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