Stand Up Comedy
There is something amazing about being able to make people laugh. When you get on stage and the audience is not quite sure if you are gonna be entertaining and then you grab hold of the mic and get your first laugh…nothing can be better than that feeling…ok maybe there are few things better than that feeling you get on stage…like when you are driving well over the speed limit but the speed cameras don’t catch you…or when you make a big payment on your credit card and your bank calls you and asks you if you really spent that much money and you say… "NO…that was not me”…and they believe you…but we digress.

Well Rohit Jayakaran is a Stand Up Comedian based in the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. He loves getting on stage and making people laugh. Over the last few years he has been performing at many gigs in the UAE along with a group called Dubomedy. Dubomedy’s mission is to create more performance opportunities for local artists, create a solid local comedy community, provide professional performing arts training as well as produce original productions around the region. In fact Dubomedy is home to the first and only Comedy and Urban Arts School in the MENA region.
Rohit's Stand Up Comedy style is clean and something you can enjoy with the whole family. His jokes come from real life because there is nothing funnier than the stuff that happens to us each and every day.

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