Addicted to Online Shopping

July 18th, 2011.

I think after years of using the internet I have finally become an Online Shopping Addict. I don’t know if you have done a lot of shopping online but its a lot of fun. I think the best thing about shopping online is how each retailer makes you believe that you are saving HUUUUGE amounts of money if you shop with them. Today I was ‘Window Shopping’ on…I think the term ‘Window Shopping’ goes really well with the concept of online shopping. Now the reason I was on Amazon was because late last night they send me an email saying that since I was buying so much stuff from them…they would like to give me a $400 discount on a particular software (The full price on Amazon is $1300)…plus another $100 off a software thats $250…and $30 of free camera accessories. Guess what…I chose the third option…so…I went online and was just looking at the stuff I could choose from. I must have hit the ‘Check Out’ button at least 5 times…but just at the last minute I would decide to take ‘ONE’ more look…after all, how many things could Amazon be selling…so…I clicked and clicked and clicked…finally I decided…perhaps I should look at the size of the pool of items I could choose from…and it said…you are viewing item 234 of 35603….WHAT!!! 35603!!! How much stuff does Amazon have…Anyways because I am cheap I selected one item thats $29.90…woohoo!!! I hit ‘check out’…and THEN they charged me $6 for shipping….DAMN!!! Should I have just driven down to the closest mall???

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