Autonomous Vehicles powered by Intel at Mobile World Congress 2017

February 28th, 2017.

#5G​ is the revolution in waiting. Intel demos the future using 5G to power #AutonomousVehicles​ and #SmartCities​. This is definitely the coolest technology to come out of Mobile World Congress 2017.

Almost every hall at Mobile World Congress has something featuring Autonomous Vehicles. When you think of it, you don’t really expect to see autonomous vehicles parked at Mobile World Congress, you’d expect them to be at an International Motor show. But once you take a closer look you realize that the technology and the networks powering this future are all around us in the form of modern networks and intelligent devices.

One of the most exciting demos of autonomous Vehicle Technology this year is at the Intel stand. From what I saw, it looks like the car of the future will have an ‘Intel Inside’ sticker on it.

Intel along with BMW is working on some amazing concepts. They have a technology that shoots our 2.4 million lasers per second within a radius of 200 meters and gives the car eyes and ears. Using computer vision the car drives itself. What came as a surprise to me what the fact that Intel kept talking about 5G and how it enables these autonomous vehicles to drive. When I spoke with some of the engineers they explained to me how one car on the road talks to another and to sensors on the road. All this information is relayed in real time and because 5G is so fast, there is no lag in the information being passed on. The thing to remember is that autonomous vehicles are not about just your car driving itself; it is about your car talking to other cars and things along the way including smart streetlights and road sensors. As one of the engineers put it, “5G brings a 6th sense to the car.”

Updates from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with Rohit Jayakaran.
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