Salman Khan does not have a heart of Gold

June 26th, 2012. Celebrities come to Dubai very often but it is not very often that they are able to touch your heart in a way that you never thought possible. Usually an experience that changes the way you think about a celeb is based on whether or not they were kind enough to give […]

Sachin Tendulkar wanted to call them Uncle

June 19th, 2012. In our daily lives in Dubai we often meet film stars, rock stars and entertainers from around the globe, however very few encounters will ever match up to meeting someone who has entertained you consistently for over 22 years. Recently the Master Blaster was in Dubai and a select few got the […]

The story of Worlds First 3D Bollywood Interview with Akshay Kumar

May 31st, 2012. There is a lot that you hear about 3D technology these days. All major Hollywood Movies are now released in 3D. Recently the film Titanic was re-released in 3D and a trip to the mall or an electronics retailer is incomplete without you walking past a range of 3D LED TV’s that […]