Social Distancing and Fist Fights: Get ready for Fight Club

After strict lockdowns across the world, governments are slowly easing stay at home orders and permitting people to reemerge from their homes. While initially the questions revolved around a specific date when we could flip the switch and get back to normal, now there is a realization that the return to normalcy will be a […]

Diwali Masti – WOOHOO!!!

October 26th, 2011. I remember growing up in Ranchi in Bihar, we would all wait for the pooja to get done at our neighbor’s place and then we would all run over to burst crackers together. It was always a super awesome time. As you were running across the road to the Verma’s residence there […]

I love Airport Arrival Gates

August 1st, 2011. Last night I landed in Abu Dhabi International Airport and I think for the first time in my life I took the time to just stand and enjoy the joy and love that’s all around at an Airport Arrival Gate. Now the reason I was able to experience this joy was because […]

I can kick your ass…well…almost!!!

Yes, the above statement is more or less true…I can kick your ass ‘IF’ I wanted to. How you may ask??? Those of you who know me, perhaps know that my last fight ended in me getting a small scar under my right eye…but that’s only because I had forgotten some vital information that got […]

My Idea for a new Invention!!!

July 28th, 2011. I have always wanted to become an inventor. I remember at the age of 9, my brother and I tried to make a radio set. Our attempt involved using a piece of wood and screwing on two speakers for a stereo effect along with an antenna from the only working radio at […]

Does anyone out there still use MSN Messenger?

July 26th, 2011. Today I was looking though some old emails and I discovered that I actually did at some point in time own a HOTMAIL account. So out of curiosity I went to and tried to log in. After a few failed attempts and a password reset I finally logged in. Its kind […]

My First Steaming Hot 3D Video

July 23rd, 2011. Today wherever you look you see something or the other about 3D. As human beings I think we have now become obsessed with the concept of 3D when in reality everything in our daily lives is actually 3D. In the last 150 years this is perhaps the 5th time that the whole […]

Why I Love a nice Afternoon Sleep

July 21st, 2011. Today was quite a unique day in my life. Today after what feels like a million years I actually slept in the afternoon. The Siesta, the Afternoon Sleep, the Mid-day Snooze, the Afternoon Nap; wherever you call it…I did it today and I must say, “I ENJOYED IT.” The last time I […]

Addicted to Online Shopping

July 18th, 2011. I think after years of using the internet I have finally become an Online Shopping Addict. I don’t know if you have done a lot of shopping online but its a lot of fun. I think the best thing about shopping online is how each retailer makes you believe that you are […]

Finding Opportunity in Inconvenience

We live on an inconvenient planet. In this Tedx Talk I tackle finding opportunity in Inconvenience. This talk was part of Tedx Amity University Dubai.