Telemedicine – your doctor just a drone call away

The Telemedicine market was valued at $45 billion in 2019. Estimates based on trends prior to the Covid-19 outbreak appraised the market to be valued at around $175 billion by 2026. It is fair to say that these estimates will need to be looked at with a fresh set of eyes and disinfected hands in […]

A 3D Printer On Every Desk Post Covid-19

Microsoft was founded with a vision of a computer on every desk, and in every home. In 1975, this seemed farfetched and unnecessary. Computers at that time were what hobbyists, governments, universities and multi-national corporations used. Today, we cannot do without computers that have taken on a range of form factors. The idea of 3D […]

A future we cannot touch

The coronavirus pandemic has made us acutely aware of the things we touch on a daily basis. From door handles to ATM machines, kiosk touch screens to keypads on credit card machines, we seem to be touching everything around us to interact. At some point in time, this pandemic will pass, and we will find […]

The END of Digital Transformation!

The coronavirus pandemic has opened many eyes and caused us to see flashbacks from presentations over the last decade. Proposals to change the way we operate like going digital, paperless, meeting virtually, and being present where our customers are have found themselves buried in the PowerPoint graveyard. With most countries experiencing some sort of lockdown […]

Work and Education in a post-pandemic era

The year 2020 and 2021 will be one of those times we will look back on and acknowledge how so many things changed in such a short period of time. The Covid-19 Pandemic by virtue of being a pandemic has been affecting each of us across the planet. Here are some of the things I […]

We will remember how you treated us!

We always remember when someone is kind to us. When we experience kindness, we are happy to come back for more. As we face the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, it is important for us to be kind to our customers, suppliers, employees, employees and service providers. Times are tough no doubt, but kindness goes a long […]

How to Master the Art of Creating Appalling Customer Experiences

Our world is filled with some brilliant examples of Appalling Customer Experiences especially on digital. Mastering the art of crafting these gems is a challenge because most websites and conferences talk about how you can create incredible customer experiences. What if you are one of those people who would like to annoy the living daylights […]

How LiFi can revolutionize retail

A few years ago the term LiFi made headlines claiming to be 100 times faster than WiFi. The tech got a lot of interest and then things quietened down. The fact is that what made headlines was not a product that would be on sale days after a magnificent keynote like in the case of […]

Does anyone out there still use MSN Messenger?

July 26th, 2011. Today I was looking though some old emails and I discovered that I actually did at some point in time own a HOTMAIL account. So out of curiosity I went to and tried to log in. After a few failed attempts and a password reset I finally logged in. Its kind […]