Paid and Unpaid leave and its impact on Travel and Tourism in 2020

Right now, we are all trying to survive. While we #StayHome to help #FlattenTheCurve, businesses world over are finding ways to stay afloat with the hope of making a comeback in the remaining quarters of 2020. One of the industries that was the first to be hit because of the Covid-19 Pandemic is Travel and […]

Samsung’s Ultimate VR Experience at Mobile World Congress 2017

February 28th, 2017. #Samsung creates the ultimate VR experience. Using the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR and some incredible hardware, Samsung transports visitors to their stall at Mobile World Congress to some amazing place beyond your wildest imagination. From Space Races to flight simulation, Samsung shows the world how it is one step ahead. #GalaxyMWC2017. Updates […]

Dubai Expo 2020 – LIVE from Paris

November 30th, 2013. All eyes were on Paris for the final announcement of the winner of the Expo 2020 bid. The Arabian Radio Network send Malcolm Taylor, Mahmoud Al Rasheed and Rohit Jayakaran to cover the event live from Paris. Together the team made the historic announcement across ARN’s 9 Radio Stations. Check out some […]

My Adventures as Santa Claus

I’d love to believe that a week before Christmas, I was extracted from a high security prison in Russia and then introduced to the Secretary of the IMF and an unnamed Intelligence Agent who then covertly told me, “Your Mission, should you choose to accept it will be to fly half way around the world […]