Digital Consulting

Digital Consulting - Rohit Jayakaran

Digital Consulting

To help you navigate the ever evolving digital world, I provide a range of digital consultation and communications services. I’d like to speak to you about how I can collaborate with your organization to help you achieve your goals.

I am passionate about driving innovation and building companies by integrating the skills required to support organizations in the digital age. I help my customers use data power and artificial intelligence, modernize core technology, develop new innovations, optimize and automate operations, drive digital growth, build amazing digital experiences and build digital talent and cultural skills.


One on One Discreet Digital Training

Do you feel like every time you ask a question about something that has to do with Digital, as a Senior Leader, you get answers that are unnecessarily complicated? Through my One-On-On Digital Training for Senior Leadership, I will train you discreetly on all aspects of digital marketing and digital technology that you need to know so that you can drive the organization to new heights.

Digital Transformation for Radio Stations

Are you looking to transform your radio station to ensure that your business model survives the test of these digital times? Having worked in Radio for close to two decades and helped transform the UAE Radio Industry with leadership in digital innovation and training, I can help your station transform into a leader in digital content. I come with a unique viewpoint that is fueled by my experience of Radio Presenting and digital content development and can craft strategies and train teams to deliver consistent and engaging content.

E-Commerce Consulting

Are you trying to take your business online and boost your revenue? Or are you trying to take your e-commerce business to the next level? I can help you start from scratch or help you step up to new heights by bringing efficiency and knowledge to your e-commerce project.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Are you struggling to expand your company online and attract new customers to the business? Get in touch and together we will help you build your Digital Marketing Strategy and enable your digital infrastructure to drive growth across multiple platforms.

Stories at Work

Are your colleagues struggling to express their thoughts and ideas effectively? Are your presentations just a bunch of slides where the bullet points are doing the talking? Malavika Varadan and Rohit Jayakaran have a workshop to help everyone tell better stories. We're going to help you organize your story, make it engaging and help you deliver it in a way that makes the audience want to get more involved and learn more. Click here to find out more.

Digital Training Workshops

Do you need to get different stakeholders in your company on the same page when it comes to digital technology? Customized to your organizational requirements, I can facilitate a series of workshops to encourage co-workers to speak the same language to ensure that your company is able to rise above the waves of the ever-changing digital world.

Digital Development

Do you need a reliable team to work on the next Digital Projects? Are you looking to build or update your website or e-commerce portal? Get in touch and I will help you expand your business with Digital Solutions that won't break your bank.

Live Streaming and Webinars

Are you struggling to build exciting live content for your business? As an accomplished Live Streamer and Technologist, I can help you set up your infrastructure in a way that is cost-effective and professional and can help you build up your company as Thought Leaders in the industry.

CRM, Data and Analytics

Do you hope that your company will be able to benefit from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, but fear that the fundamentals do not allow scaling? With years of experience developing, implementing and working with CRM, Data and Analytics systems, I will help you make sense of your data and ensure that each of your touchpoints contributes to your organizational growth ambitions.

Social Media Strategy

Do you find that your social media presence doesn't support your company the way you think it should? Perhaps it's time for a Social Media Audit and a comprehensive Social Media Strategy that allows you to leverage the power of the crowd across multiple platforms with varying audiences and features. Get in touch to bring your social media to life.

Rohit Jayakaran - Audio and Podcasts for Brands

Audio and Podcasts for Brands

Do you want your brand to have an online audio presence that will influence your Thought Leadership? As an accomplished radio professional and communicator, I can help you launch your podcast brand and produce content consistently. With audio platforms like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces opening up, you need to have an audio strategy in place before you lose your competitive edge.