My First Steaming Hot 3D Video

3D Video

July 23rd, 2011.

Today wherever you look you see something or the other about 3D. As human beings I think we have now become obsessed with the concept of 3D when in reality everything in our daily lives is actually 3D. In the last 150 years this is perhaps the 5th time that the whole 3D craze has become a craze once again. About 30 or 40 years ago you could buy still cameras that could click 3D photos and of course 3D films have been around for ages.

Well all this talk about 3D got me interested and I decided to get myself a new toy to play with. This time around it’s a 3D camera. Yes I know what you are thinking…but NO…I will not be giving you and your family free tickets for my first big budget blockbuster 3D full length feature film…you will have to pay a premium just like everyone else…I can however offer a discount if you have your own 3D glasses…

I must say I am quite exited to see how this 3D camera works…its by Sony…so its quite awesome and has absolutely no compatibility with my Mac…So everything I have been doing with it is using software I have scraped together thanks to the wise old sage of eternal wisdom – Baba Google.

Now this was like my long drawn out intro to this video…yes MY FIRST STEAMING HOT 3D Video. I wanted my subject to be Steaming Hot to be able to grab your attention. A few things before you watch the video though…you are gonna need 3D glasses. Nope you cannot use the ones you stole from the movie theatre. You will ideally need those RED and BLUE(Cyan) glasses to watch this video. Youtube is quite cool and will let you choose how you wanna watch the video. If you do not have the 3D glasses you can watch the video in 2D like all the common folk around the world. If you have a 3D TV…CONGRATS…if you wanted to waste your money I could have recommended a substantial investment in Lehman Brothers…anyways if you do have a 3D TV…this should be a visual treat for you.

A small warning though…the contents of My first 3D Video are steaming hot…you have been warned.


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