Stand By Me : Priyanka Chopra
October 25th, 2011.

Yes I know…I know…its been a really long time since I blogged. I keep promising myself that I will do this…but never really get around to doing it. Thought I’d blog now…considering its my birthday in just about 5 days…Is there a connection you ask??? Nope…no connection…just wanted to remind you that its my birthday on the 30th of October….thats SUNDAY just in case you were wondering. Surprise Parties are most welcome…I will keep myself available…and if you insist on a present…electronics…and if you do not wanna buy me the iPhone 4S…you could just get a 32GB Compact Flash Card for my camera…or a remote flash trigger.

Perhaps now I should get to the REAL point of my blog today. Well last year when City 1016 ( tuned 8 years old we made a special song called – City 1016 Stand By Me. This was the brain child of Fiona Munro who showed us how we could combine the 1960’s song by Ben E King – Stand By Me with the 1970’s song – Yeh Dosti from Sholay.

When we launched the song it was very well received. It was perhaps one of the first songs a Bollywood Radio Station had internally produced complete with a music video. The video was simple but lovable since it featured everyone from the team singing their parts. The song also did really feature all our voices. Tia wrote the new lyrics for the song and I made the video. Sujit produced the track and the whole team was featured in the video.

Cut to 2011, and the new Shah Rukh Khan film – Ra One features a song called DILDARA STAND BY ME. The song is quite nice and pleasant to listen to and is often requested for on our radio station as well.

So…guess what…we put the original City 1016 Stand By Me song and SRK’s Dildaara and produced our first official City 1016 mashup…its called City 1016 Stand By Me & Dildaara Mash up…(that’s quite an obvious title right???) This time around the track was produced by Govind and I put together the video with a lot of help from Vipin.

Anyways…check out the video…and do share it with your friends if you like it…if you don’t…I insist you share it with people who waste your time with Spam and other online junk. The video is below.

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