Why I Love a nice Afternoon Sleep

Afternoon Sleep

July 21st, 2011.

Today was quite a unique day in my life. Today after what feels like a million years I actually slept in the afternoon. The Siesta, the Afternoon Sleep, the Mid-day Snooze, the Afternoon Nap; wherever you call it…I did it today and I must say, “I ENJOYED IT.” The last time I slept in the afternoon, I must have been 8 years old, so this was exciting. The funny thing though is that I’m usually the guy making fun of friends who express the desire to sleep in the afternoon with a great big almighty yawn.

For those of you who have not experienced this awesome feeling in a long time because you are perhaps a responsible adult working hard to put food on the table, let me tell you that an Afternoon Sleep is like having a Pause Live TV Button on your TV Remote. You are going through a normal day and then you decide that you would like to hit the Pause Button, sleep and then you hit the Play button to get on with the rest of the day.

There are debates online about weather Afternoon Sleep is good or bad for the human body. You will find people disturbing the ever-diminishing users of Yahoo Answers with though provoking questions like – Will I become fat if I sleep in the afternoon? The answer to that question apparently is NO, but the author goes on to mention that Afternoon Sleep does make your brain function better and even improves memory.

I think I will agree with that kind soul who took the time to answer this stupid question. When I did wake up after my Afternoon Sleep today I found that I could think better, I had a stronger belief in my abilities and I was able to tap into some skills I had long forgotten…In short…my over active, well rested BRAIN decided that I should get hold of some modeling clay and try to make a sculpture. Yes…yes…that’s what an Afternoon Sleep can do.

Anyways, I now have 900grams of Modeling Clay with me and all I can make is a sphere. On the bright side, my sculpture might not look like any human or alien, but there is a good chance it looks like some distant planet somewhere in the open sky that’s Round and Off White in color…and perhaps weighs 900grams.

One thing though…if an Afternoon Sleep is supposed to improve memory, how come I did not remember that I was crap at art???

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